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Artist  of  Wildlife  and  Nature


 . . I start with charcoal studies, creating many drawings of my subject as I slowly work up to an exciting composition. I then go on to painting using the glowing colors of pastels, watercolors, or other media.

My final concerns are to heighten the

drama of lights and darks,  and  to   add  a touch  of  accents  to  give sparkle and life to my creation.

Blue Heron VCOlsen-W_C.jpg

 As I Begin to Paint .  .  

    'Great Blue Heron'

Mule Deer in Sage -VC.Olsen.jpg

                       My book

 "The Good, the Bad, 

                                        and the Goofies"       


        is now published as an  "ebook"                         

                 Available at Amazon    $6.16

              "My animal subjects range from the smallest

               birds to the  fiercest wolves all behaving with                                                fun and goofy behavior!

Vivian Olsen shows her illustrations

 It's Here !   -  Vivian Olsen’s Children's Book  



  Vivian Olsen - Artist, Author and Illustrator
cover Wolf.jpg
"As an Artist I'm elated to be writing about and creating whimsical, 
colorful watercolors of entertaining animal characters in this book."
"The Good, The Bad, and The Goofy" - A Children's Book
FINAL PG.6-Rooster.Dog&Fox.JPG
FINAL Cranes & Raven.jpg
Vivian Olsen & BookArt.JPG
Vivian with 3 of her book illustrations -         see others- go to
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