Wildlife and


     "As An

Artist . . . 

I’ve always felt a kinship towards nature and animals so it was natural for me to blend my love of animals with my profession as artist."             





or Strong


My animal subjects range from the smallest birds to the fiercest 

wolves. Whether gentle or strong, 

prey or predator, they release an excitement in me as I bring my art

to life using water-colors, acrylics,

or mixed media.


'Dance of the Sandhill Cranes'

Living in



With a background in art and biology, and years of living in wild country with a wildlife biologist, I learned about endangered birds, spent a winter living with 3 moose in my backyard, and daily watched a Sandhill Crane playing with my three little girls. 


'Sun Spots'  Ravens

'Merganser Mama'  

Top - 'Timber Wolves'

      "The GOOD,

       The BAD,

         and            The GOOFY”

    It's finally here, Vivian Olsen’s        Children's Book 


This long project of 3 years, working on both watercolor paintings and writing stories about animals, has been engaging and creative and I've loved every part of it! 

If you've got youngsters in your family this book is available now  -   $7.99  - at Amazon with this quick.    link:         


  ‘The Good, The Bad, and The Goofy’

A Big Surprise !

  Abstracts?   Yes,

It was even a surprise to me. After a few months of being housebound

because of Covid, I felt like I needed a change and a pick-me-up. The ease and fun of painting abstracts with no plan in mind was so very freeing.

'In The Hen House'

 &  'Sun Blocks'


I begin my paintings with studies--drawings of my subject with an exciting composition. Then on to painting with glowing colors, and last, adding the drama of lights and darks, enhanced by

a touch  of accents.

               'Midnight Owl'    

           'Coyote On Alert'

                 'Raven Calling'

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by Vivian C. Olsen

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