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Vivian's Artist Statement   



“As an artist I draw from my memories the things I’ve loved over the years. When I was young I developed a deep love of animals and they remain my passion through my Art as my primary subjects. Painting birds and mammals has always given me a sense of calm as I feel they are creatures of peace and beauty. I portray them realistically and always strive to capture their unique and individual personalities. Animals add color and beauty to my life and I want others to experience that in my paintings. My goal is to present animals through my Art as Nature’s gifts." 

"My paintings begin as faint visions in my mind which slowly germinate into ideas for paintings. Then, with the aid of observations and many photographs, I begin the creative process of designing my compositions, first with thumbnail sketches and finally, the finished drawing. I often design compositions with curving lines that provide a soothing movement through the painting. Color plays a major role in my paintings because of the emotions that colors impart.  I love to use golds, oranges, and reds along with the strong contrast of earth colors. I paint in a traditional style with either watercolor, pastels, or oils. With paints and brushes the painting takes form and my inspiration becomes a reality on paper. In all the years I’ve been painting animals I’ve never tired of this subject that I love.”

Equipped with a Master of Science degree in biology and an Art Degree, she has painted professionally for many years as an artist exhibiting in art galleries and juried exhibits, as a wildlife illustrator, and for 18 years as an Art Educator in New Mexico. ​ Now retired, she continues to exhibit her paintings in galleries, solo shows, and juried exhibits from her home in Oregon. Her most recent artwork, featured on this site, is divided into four galleries  -  Animals, BirdsMore Art, and Archives which is where work that has sold may be viewed.    


Vivian is a member of the High Desert Art League, the Plein Air Painters of Oregon, AWA, and a Signature Member of NMWS.  Her recent paintings can be viewed at Eagle Crest Resort, Oregon and at Hood Avenue Art Gallery in Sisters, Oregon, and in Santa Fe, New Mexico at the V Q Gallery on Canyon Road..                                                                                                                                                                           

  Vivian C Olsen     July 2018


 Vivian showing her painting,  "The Covey" 

The Winter Show at Black Butte Ranch-

2 of my watercolors.  2019

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