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Animals Behaving -- Well . . .Goofy!

Updated: May 16, 2020

The whimsical animal stories in“The Good, the Bad, and the Goofy” tell of animals behaving badly, or silly and wise, and often mischievous. This children’s book is filled with animal stories accompanied by original watercolor paintings that visually bring the exciting actions to life. It is not just an entertaining book, but also teaches educational facts about each animal. Each story has a moral to teach us through the behaviors of the wolf, the clever fox, the trickster raven, and many more characters as the animals all behave with some recognizable human trait that teaches a lesson that can be applied to our own behavior.

These 15 stories have been reimagined and rewritten from Aesop’s Fables with familiar

animals that romp through the pages behaving both good and goofy--and they are happily welcomed by children of all ages.

3 to 6 Years - Read to Me ; 7 to 11 Years - I can read!

This is my new Children's Book, just published! See more about it at :

Vivian C. Olsen

Author and Artist


Vivian C. Olsen,

Author and Artist


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